How To Submit Articles Can You Submit Articles That You Don’t Own Exclusively

3623619145_9502cefc5c_m.jpg People are always asking me great questions about how to submit articles. Here’s one someone asked me recently that you may be wondering yourself:
“A team that I am an affiliate of has made some articles available to me to use for marketing purposes. I was wondering if I could submit these as free reprint articles? Would I need to changeover them, or can I even submit them at all?”
Great question! A similar predicament is one where a person has acquired some PLR (private label rights) articles, and they’re wondering if those articles are suitable for use in article marketing. For anyone who doesn’t know, PLR articles generally are very cheap and are sold to anyone willing to purchase them. So, the same article is sold to multiple people, in the same way that articles that affiliate companies provide are shared with multiple people.
In those cases there is no exclusive copyright ownership, and consequently that type of gist is not suitable to use in article marketing.
When submitting articles to publishers, the content needs to be 100% owned by you and no one else. Publishers do not want to receive the same or very similar content multiple times, so you really do hunger to make the effort to produce (or pay a professional reviewer to produce) articles that you own exclusively and that are unique.
You may be wondering, how would a publisher know if the item you submit was not owned by you exclusively? Multifarious publishers will employ a tool that detects whether content is already appearing on the internet. There are various online services that do this sort of thing. Many times website owners or opposite online publishers will use a awl like that to tell if anyone is plagiarizing their content. People who hire writers to create content for them may also use that sort of tool to tell if the content that’s been produced for them is unique.
Now, from a publisher’s point of view, it is not necessarily a deal breaker assuming he discovers that the article that you’ve submitted is already appearing elsewhere online. If the content is clearly marked as belonging to you, there will probably not be any problem. However, if the publisher sees that this article that you’ve submitted is appearing alternative places on the net under strange author names, then that is a red flag. With many publishers that would result in an article decline. So, a publisher does endure ways of finding out if you submit content that you do not own exclusively.
You may be wondering then, can you just take that non-copyrighted material and “change it up” a bit? Unfortunately not. The only time when you might re-write content would be if you had decided to take content that you wrote for your own blog or website to resubmit as a free reprint article. In that case, since you already own the content, it would be perfectly regalia to re-write it to submit as an article. For content that you don’t own, however, you should not try to re-write it connective submit it as a free reprint article.
What can you do then? You can either write your acknowledge unique content or you can hire a professional critic to write content exclusively for you. The idea is to create articles that have unique tips and ideas and that bound information that is not found quite over the internet already. It does take extra effort to create unique articles, but that’s just the way that article marketing works. The effort that you take to come increase alongside quality content will compensate farther in the numerical from publishers who are interested in your article and in the amount of help that your article brings to your readers.

Add Effectiveness To Your Articles

iStock_000016399263_alka-seltzer-tablets1368_250x188cc.gif Communication helps businesses to connect with their customers. It prohibition only drives action, but also exponential growth. To be effective through communication and especially written communication, it is important to use words that are universal and language that is user-friendly. It can force a normal statement to action-oriented punch line. It tin evenly convince readers that needs explanation. When it comes to essay writing, more attention should be lavished on the aforementioned points. However, to write effectively, the writer must have original thoughts and his words should have the ability to assure readers to perform an action.
Often times, readers land to the articles that considerably provides seminal facts, authenticated information, tips, and solutions to assist them attain their goals. They neither only want their goals to be fulfilled in a formal manner by just fact explanation in detail, but they requirement the article to indiging more elaborative, engaging, and full of information. They expect to be motivated and informed at the same time. They also expect proper examples, figures, and live instances that support facts. However, there are unmistaken facts that should be considered before writing an actual article for readers, such as:
Original – The article should be impressive and effective. The original article is always persuasive and articles writers require it more engaging through their unique writing styles. Readers alike fresh ideas, facts besides information. Remember that 100% original articles have its own vale and helps readers to get original value-added thoughts.
Directional – The article should be directional also leads to a specific conclusion, it helps readers to make fast decisions. Also it looks greater professional, guided further trustworthy. In order to make articles simple et cetera directional, words should be kept simple, nouns besides verbs should be mostly worn for more understanding. You should avoid using jumbled words that induces headache or words that have indirect meanings. It can confuse readers and deters their psyche.
In brief, you should add engaging thoughts and views for the readers so that they can enjoy your article and take due action. In order to knock a perfect balance in your writing style, you are required to collect as much intelligence ut supra possible to cater superior article. To fine tune your article bountiful readings (proof reading) is needed. You should also blue-pencil your article now many times that possible to add extra value and to reduce unnecessary talks.
You can use these facts to join an capable edge to your articles and aspect readers!

5 Tips For Writing Articles To Make Money Online

online-writer-a.jpg Although writing and selling articles is a lucrative way to make monetary online, you will make far more kale if you value your articles for promotion. Unlike selling articles for pay, where you receive a set amount for the articles, with promotional articles you receptacle make as much money as you want. Your articles become passive marketing machines, and if you recycle your content into documents, videos, audios, and other content, you can stretch your marketing even further with veritable little another work. Here’s how to get around started promoting your articles for more traffic:
1. Post your articles to the top directories.
It’s the 80/20 rule at work: you will get the most traffic from the top article directories, so this should be your first stop in marketing your articles. The more you submit, the expanded chances at traffic you will get. Use the data you get from these sites to tell you which articles are performing best and then autograph and submit more of this content to these sites. Also, some of these websites only accept unique articles quite make sure you know which ones these are and submit the appropriate content.
2. Write for promotion instead of for money.
I’ve already mentioned this, but I want to mention it again: stenography for advancement takes the limit off the amount of income you tin earn from an article. If you write articles to sell, there is a limit to the amount you can make that you are either selling these articles to customers, or you’re selling to publications. Take the limits slack and use them for promotion.
3. Recycle your content.
You can get long more from your content by converting it to different formats. This includes audio, video, documents, and slides. Look for different ways to recycle your cozy and then submit to the appropriate sites thus that you get more from it. This again creates additional passive marketing machines for your business. What could be better than that?
4. Write articles as blog posts and friend blog.
There are two ways you can do this. First, you can write an original stipulation for guest blogging. Your article should be at least 300 – 400 words, unless you want to make sure that it conforms to the site you want to submit to. Second, consider rewriting your article and then submitting it.
5. Use revenue sharing sites.
Sites like Helium et alii Barbarian Contributor Network allow you to make money from your articles. You can get one time payments added revenue sharing or just revenue sharing. Whichever one you choose, make sure you write the appropriate content and then submit it. Make it your best. Give them what they want. Learn from your failures here, and you’ll get added traffic and expanded sales apace because your content determination get around accepted more easily.

How To Ensure That Your Target Market Is Reading Your Articles

YourTargetMarketGraphicPNG2-224x300.png You submit articles near the hope that they will come paramnesia the eyes of people who would be interested in your business, services or products. Ideally, these target customers will be looking at your article and therefore perusal your resource box and clicking the link leading to your website.
You know that your articles are being published online, where anyone can find them. There may be some niche specific websites that declare your articles, but many times your article may be published on a expanded general website or condition directory that is divided into categories.
Sometimes people come to me with the concern like “how can I be unfaltering that my articles are being read by the right people?”
That’s an excellent question, and there are things you tin do to help learn engines such while Google direct your ambition readers to your articles.
1 – Write articles on the general theme of your website. For example, if your website sells surf boards and other surfing paraphernalia, then all of your articles will be on the endemic topic of “surfing”.
Now I just want to be sure that it’s clear that the articles should not be about your website–don’t talk about your website in the article body. Rather,the article body is for teaching readers about your general niche. That is what will attract the right readers to your articles.
You may have wondered: “Does it matter what topic I write my articles on, seeing as though the only thing that matters is the link in the resource box?”
Yes, it matters a lot. Alpha of all, the link in the resource box is not the only thing that matters. If your website is as regards surfing and you have a resource box that reflects that topic, but the article itself is about one of your other interests, such quasi ballroom dancing, then you vessel anticipate that the people you will be attracting to your article will be interested in ballroom dancing, rather than surfing.
And when they finish reading your article ampersand they look at the resource box, they’ll exist veritable confused that it talks about a site that has nothing to do with what the article was about.
So keep in mind–readers will be attracted to your article because of the topic. If the topic of your article is on the same general theme as your website, then you’re attracting your target customers.
2 – Do research for keywords associated with your niche.
Keyword examination allows you to zero in on the actual phrases that your target consumers are typing into Google when they do searches. By knowing that information, you can craft your content sic that your articles answer the very questions that your target readers are asking.
Keyword research also allows you to use those phrases in your title and article body, which in bout helps Google to associate your article with those keywords.
Ideally, by keyword optimizing your articles, you will be better adept to create content that your target readers are looking for, while at the same time making it easy for Google to associate your content with the things that your target readers are searching for (which results in the essence getting a higher search engine ranking).
By connecting these two strategies–writing on the same general topic of your website connective also doing keyword research, you are setting your articles up to be easily found by people in your target market.
When your articles are published on the internet, you don’t have to concern yourself that your essay is visible to every random person who wants to look at it. What you do need to concern yourself with is in creating content that is specifically designed to meet the needs concerning your aim readers and that is keyword optimized to make it so that search engines resolve direct readers to your articles.
When you do those dos things, your can be sure that your target market is reading your articles.

How To Write Articles And Market Your Business

123article-marketing-explosion-dvd-large.jpg You run a business, you participate in local events and fundraisers, you network in person and online. What’s next? If you own a business, you apparently know all about your services or products. You need to let the general population know all about it. You are the expert ampersand authority of your business. Share that including others.
The vintage way to bring people to your site is to write articles. Think about the service you offer et alii explain in an article a particular area that might interest people. Granting you sell a widget, communicate the superordinate or many ways you can use the widget (other than the one way that it is usually used for). If you offer a service, like extermination, write articles on the unalike type from bugs and vermin found in your area. Don’t write it to scare but to inform; something like “did you know that 25% of all households have some type of bug infestation?” Retire into detail about just one germ that seeks shelter in the heat/cold moreover hides and makes nests. How most people don’t see them, otherwise there could be an opening that might just be erotic to them if they are not there yet. Exact tell them enough to make them wonder if they have bugs. You want them to ask themselves if they buy your service or widget will it solve their problem?
As you can see, these articles are written surrounding what you do for a living every day. Just puzzle out them down into binal – three paragraphs and you’ve got an informing article. Remember not to use a log of in-house jargon; keep it credulous et alii to the point. Once you have at least 52 articles written (one for each week of the coming year), you can start to list them on your website.
If you want to keep people’s attention, you might inadequacy to write 104 articles so you can post it twice a week to keep people’s attention to your site. You can have a long article that you can break into 2-3 parts and that would protect 1.5 weeks! You will be surprised at how easy it is once you start writing. Take note from any questions you get from your customers substitute clients. If they are curious anent the answer, others will afsluiting too.
Once you have your articles written, think about whether you want to post them on your website under an Articles tab, or create a blog on your webstek to expand your core tourist group. Remember a blog will take additional input on a daily basis quondam the main article is posted.
If you chose to join LinkedIn or Facebook, these articles could be referenced on your wall or through groups you have joined on LinkedIn. Either way it is another opening to expose your job to others without beating them over the head or doing any sort of frigorific nominate sales. Marketing has changed and the comme il faut networking battlefield is ripe. You help someone furthermore eventually you will have a reputation equal a propitious person, by expert advice in your niche.
You can uncover a number of good books on shorthand articles, creating a blog and other simple marketing tips for the new business landlord on
Looking for a better via to get business? Bushed of wasting money on local advertising, radio spots and public TV? Make moving! This is the year to start going revealed and meeting race – in person and online. Your business is you and unless you can put yourself out there, negative one will understand what a fine person you are. You need to write approximately what you distinguish and let ethnic get to cognize you and your business.

How To Submit Articles 7 Resource Box Mistakes To Avoid

Capture11.JPG Did you distinguish that submitting articles is not just about the article itself? When you are literature how to submit articles, don’t forget about the resource crate (aka, author bio).
When publishers are reviewing your article to decide if they short to publish it, they will look at the author bio area as well as the article. Publishers will have editorial guidelines for this inheritance of your article, and if yours does not abide by those guidelines, the article will be declined.
Not sure what to aim for when creating the author bio for your article? Here are 7 common things that publishers look for in the resource box when evaluating your article submission.
1 – It needs to have more than just a website address.
It may be tempting to regard your author bio as just a place to put the link to your website, however it’s so much more than that. This is the one spot in your story submission where you jug tell a little around yourself, your business, and your products. You can (and should) give the scholar a reason to visit your website.
If you just put a link there and leave it at that, you’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with your bookworm and lure him or her back to your site. You’ll have a much better chance of getting traffic from your articles if you invest some time and effort into formulating your resource box, accurately than just putting a intercatenated in there.
2 – It needs at least one link.
While it’s not alright to just have a link in your editor bio without any other information, you do want to be sure to include a link to your site somewhere in there. Bout people get so focused on the biography aspect of it that they forget that the only way the term will drive traffic to their website is via that fragile link–don’t forget to include one!
3 – Breathe sure that the link works!
This is a greatly common mistake that can easily live avoided. After you enter your article among the servility form, preview it and live sure to test out the links in the resource box. Agree on them–do they go where you want them to?
4 – Anchor text is too long.
“Anchor text” refers to the words that are used to form the link central to your website. The anchor text that you use in your resource box should be a keyword phrase that you’ve researched, ideally 2-3 words long. Some publishers finite the length of the anchor text to 3 words maximum, so keep that in mind.
5 – Too many links.
Many publishers will allow a maximum like two links per penman bio. Keep in mind that your goal is not just to generate backlinks, but to dexterity your resource box in such a way that the reader will want to click the link(s). Since most publishers allow protract limits on author bios, if you put more than number or two links, you won’t have enough room to try to convince the reader to click them. If you put too many links in there and don’t give the reader a reason to match them, then odds are that the reader won’t click any of them.
6 – It has too many characters.
A common length limit for author bios is 400-450 characters. That’s not a doom of text–you really own to choose your words and the information that you decide to include strategically.
7 – It doesn’t have any biographical information.
Some nation will just put information about their business or products and a link to their website, without mentioning anything about the actual author of the article. While you don’t have to mention anything really personal, it’s a nice adjacent to start by mentioning the holographic name (you’ll be writing in the third person), why you should be regarded comme il faut an authority on your topic, et alii what your business is.
Each individual publisher decides what editorial requirements he or she has for article submissions, nevertheless there are some common ones that many high quality publishers have. Whether a publisher requires all of these or not, your resource box will only live made better by abiding by these 7 guidelines. The better your resource box, the better on spec that publishers spunk accept your report and that readers will click the link leading to your website.

Productivity For Writers Writing Articles In Preparation For A Vacation

1452138_10152039787518373_1537210140_n.jpg There are all sorts of times during the year when you may want to copulate a vacation or just take some time away from your regular work schedule. No matter what your plan is, your article submissions don’t need to stop just because you aren’t writing at the moment. With a little preparation, you can stockpile enough articles to last for whatever amount like time you’ll be taking off from writing.
I’ve actually done this myself several times. Primarily when I push on on vacation, I try to write enough articles to last when I’m away, so I have inferior work to do while on holiday and so that my website marketing vessel continue without missing a beat.
It takes a little planning, but it’s nobleness it, and it makes the vacation so much more enjoyable knowing that my article marketing campaign is still going strong.
Here are some tips for pre-writing articles in preparation for a vacation:
1 – How long will you be away from writing? The first thing you urgency to do is to emblem published how many articles you’ll need to pre-write. Ideally, you would do this at least a per mensem before you leave for your journey to give yourself satisfactory millennium to produce the articles. The more advance interim you give yourself to write, the easier it will nvloeden to offspring the extra articles.
2 – Let’s say you need to write 16 articles in one per mensem (8 for the rapid month and 8 pre-written for the following month). How in the world do you go about doubling your article output when it’s already sometimes a challenge to come up with writing topics?
The best approach I’ve found is to write all the articles on a related topic. That way, each article bounces off the previous one and it makes it much easier to generate the article topic and also to get your mind warmed up to the new article topic (since it is somewhat related to the last one).
3 – Start by writing a list article that lists several main points. Alongside “list article”, I mean an article that has a title like “7 Ways To Improve Your Writing”. Then the condition itself starts with an introductory paragraph that leads into a numbered list of specific of those 7 items. Individually squib will be followed by a ephemeron description or summary of what the item is about, and the article will end with a concluding paragraph.
By the end, you’ll have one article that lists 7 main points. This is your first article.
Your next 7 articles will each take their cue from one of the 7 points listed in that first article, so each point from the original article will goal up with an article that covers that point in depth.
When you finish writing those articles, you’ll have 8 total–you’re nearly to the finish line. You just need to repeat the process with another condition plus 7 central points. In the end, you’ll have 16 articles.
Why do it this way? Because contract about one overarching topic that is broken down into smaller points is easier than thinking of 8 distill article topics.
If you write an article called “The 7 Best Places To Hike In The Fall”, for 8 articles you’ll cognize what you’re supposed to be writing about–you’re going to be writing about the best places to hike in the Fall season. After you indite that first article, every time you sit down to write, you’ll discriminate exactly what to write about, which makes things then sufficient easier.
Do you stage a vacation approaching up? If so, I encourage you to do a little planning and pre-work so that your article marketing campaign can continue even while you’re lounging on the shore or skiing down the slopes. It all starts with one 7 item article and some relatively easy writing after that. The hardest part is imminent up with topics for the articles, et sequens with this strategy, you only need to do that once.

Seo Articles – What Images To Use On Your Site

seo-content-writing.jpg When writing your SEO articles, have you ever wondered how your images receptacle affect your product’s marketability or your written sales pitch’s closing rates? We all know that images does in-fact help us optimize our contents, improve aesthetics, and appreciate the readability of our articles. Yet is that really all?
To help you spread a better understanding about how to increase your image’s effectiveness when writing SEO articles, let mij plowshare with you the mind behind how images can affect your contents moreover what type kind of images to use for maximum effectiveness.
How images affect your SEO articles…
A LOT of people are making the same mistake of using ANY KIND of image which relates to their product thinking that it has the same effects. Provided that the image does relate to their product, it should be OK to use it right..? WRONG!
It’d be OK if you’re a mediocre and weren’t striving to maximize your sales but since we’re trying to get restore closing rates, you’d have to be brash in what image to use.
Don’t just use Every IMAGE; use an image that promotes positivity. This allows your viewers to make positive decisions like, shall we say… BUYING? What do I mean by pictures that promotes positivity? Picture this out… Protasis you’re selling products which helps in better credit management, would using an image of a person that’s broke be better than using an eidetic that shows a person having financial abundance or freedom? Give it a few minutes and think if there’s even a difference or which image you’d opheffen using.
In that scenario, the substitute image will receive higher closing rates. Why you ask? It’s mainly because the first image instills fear or a negative feeling. When people are on a negative mind-set, chances are they don’t make the precedent to ransom simply thus they’re introspective negatively at the moment. Negative thinking, whether it’s momentary or ongoing will promote more negative thoughts like distrust, doubt, scams etc… You seriously don’t think anyone with that kind of thinking pattern would buy right? RIGHT!
So if you have products to sell like, let’s say… shoes. Don’t impartial consideration about using an image of a person using a worn-out shoes or anything to that effect.
Using this mode uncertainty mindset can get you wonders if you apply it. Reap its benefits. Be sure to use this psychology when writing your SEO articles.

Targeted Keywords For Your Articles – Use Them Or Lose Them

searchDatabaseGraph.jpg Choosing the targeted keywords for your articles is very important. Supposing you know what keywords to use it will help get your article found along the search engines.
Keyword research, is the researching, analyzing, later the choosing of the most appropriate targeted keywords for your content. Keyword research, whether done right, will create a funnel of qualified and targeted traffic back to your site from the search retrorocket results pages.
Proper keyword optimization is the finding of those targeted keywords and keyword phrases that your potential visitors will enter into the search engine’s search box, which will bring ascend the most relevant sites to a detailed subject.
Long tail keywords are a way of expanding on a generic word to be manufactured into a more specific targeted keyword. Example: A generic nonspecific keyword “spoons”; a more specific, elongate tail keyword phrase – “collectable spoons.” By entering “collectable spoons” you have narrowed down the visitors search concerning giving the specific information that you are offering for “spoons.”
You can utilitarian the Free Online SEO tools like the Google External Keyword Research tool to find the keywords that potential visitors will associate with the information you are offering.
Keyword Variations: This is just another way of saying that not each internet searcher uses the same words to find information, you need to think like your visitors and fabricate some different variations of your targeted keyword phrase close adding words at the beginning, in the middle or at the end.
Keyword Stemming: This is the growth of one keyword phrase that is akin to your website article by using suffixes, prefixes, or adding pluralization. This is another way of making undivided keyword phrase into innumerable additional new keywords that you can use in your article.
Example: article, articles, blog, blogs, blogger, blogging
Main Article Headline: You crave to capture the visitor’s attention with a headline so good that they can’t help but read your content. If this does not happen you could lose them. You have less than 10 seconds to grab their attention before they move on. You will want to place a keyword phrase describing your content within the article headline.
Keep in mind that your article headline is a brief summary regarding the content contained, it does not emergency to be increased than 5 to 7 words long.
Your keywords should be used throughout your site copy – where they synthesize sense – as well as in your title sticker and various meta tags. Do not past do it and start inserting keywords every other word, because this is considered keyword stuffing.
So as you can see, it is very important to choose the correct targeted keywords if you want the search engines to find you. The better your keywords are the more likely you will be found. It takes a little while to get the swing regarding finding the right keywords that work, but once you’ve mastered it, you will really see how this can benefit your site.

Article Marketing Success 5 Insider Tips For Getting Articles Accepted By Publishers

coffee.jpg When you’re marketing your website with articles, you’ll write articles on your far-ranging niche and submit them to online publishers. These articles are called “free reprint articles”, because the online publisher may reprint the article without paying the author.
What the writer gets in return for allowing his article to be republished comes in the form of the supply cage that is included with the term submission. The resource box usually includes information about the author’s business and a group to the author’s website.
Submitting articles is beneficial to a website’s SEO in that it builds link to a site and also helps Google to associate certain keyword terms with the topic of the website. When people range to Google and search for these keyword terms, ideally the website will show up higher in the rankings on the results pages. The higher a website appears in the rankings, the more traffic it will receive.
When you start submitting articles to publishers, one thing to remember is that each publisher has editorial instructions that he uses to screen the articles. If your article abides by the editor’s guidelines, then it will be published. If it does not, then the publisher will decline your article submission.
For this reason, it’s a good ideational to create articles that will abide by the editorial recommendations of most publishers. It’s true that each publisher gets to foreordain his own criteria for the types of articles that he’ll accept, but there are some common things that most quality publishers look for.
Here are 5 common issues that publishers look for when reviewing articles:
1 – The condition can’t voltooien sales oriented. This can be a surprise to new article marketers–it’s easy to think that assuming you’re submitting articles to bring attention to your business that it also means that you jug write articles about your business, but that’s just hardly how article marketing works.
In the article, you should breathe training your readers how to do something related to your niche. Don’t talk about your business, products or website in the title or thing body. Instead, save that sales oriented type of information for the resource box.
2 – The article must voltooien written in a way that readers can easily understand. Most often, this means that the item must include proper spelling and grammar. It’s important to proofread your articles ere submitting them, as an abundance of mistakes or typos will compromise your article’s quality and cause most publishers to recession it.
3 – The title must be formatted correctly and have fitting grammar and spelling. Publishers can be picky about titles. The title is a mere small element of the article submission, nevertheless it’s the first thing that readers see. The title should indigen fabricate sense, raken grammatically correct and be free of spelling issues. For article submissions, it’s also a good conceptus to put the title in “title case”, meaning that the first letter of each major intelligence is capitalized.
4 – The resource box should have at least one link (but usually no more than two) to the author’s website and contain some autobiographical information.
The most everyday reasons motive a publisher would decline an article so of resource bin issues are:
* The resource box contain too many links.
* The resource box only contains a associate (and no other information).
* The resource enclose doesn’t include any biographical poop about the author.
5 – The terms must be formatted correctly. If your article isn’t formatted correctly, it means that it just doesn’t “look right”. Most online article submissions are done in plain text format, meaning that there is no HTML or special characters in the article.
Articles should be single spaced with a frustrate line in between paragraphs. There is no need to indent paragraphs.
These are 5 of the most common issues that online publishers will look for when reviewing your articles. If you’ll take a little extra rate presage you submit your article to make enduring that your paper abides by these 5 guidelines, your condition will live attractive to more publishers and be republished more widely.